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There was actually an update on Reddit... UPDATE Hey everyone! Thanks for all your comments and theories. Some of them made me cry, some of them made me laugh, and some of them made me angry and confused. All of them helped me gain confidence to talk to my boyfriend about the situation. I straight up asked him about what went though his mind when he did that. I told him I’ve been thinking about it ever since we came back from the trip. Why was he even giving our gifts? Why did he give me that? Why did he think it was okay? Actually, no one on here guessed it right! Neither did I! He was giving out gifts because he wanted to give me a big gift, and I was supposed to be the last one. He actually had managed to set up a day with me and this adorable cat I follow on TikTok. The owner lives close near the harbor where we’d be stopping, and I’ve loved this cat since 2020 when we first started curious. I still stalk the page regularly! But the owner had backed out last minute, even after charging a thingy ton. We were supposed to meet soon, but now he didn’t have a gift for me and basically got scammed. He said what he did was stupid and he just took a bracelet out last minute to save face… but he realizes now it was stupid lol. As for his comment, he apologized and said he has no excuse. He said he was more angry with himself and the cat owner and took it out on me. I understood and forgave him because it was out of character and I know he just wanted to do something nice for me. Alls well it ends well guys We’re moving past this! Sucks that I can’t meet that little kitty, but this is a story I’ll always remember
Curious Solution above is delusional, and probably the OP's husband!!
Why don't you worry about yourself, Mrs Kravitz.
And let's not forget the phrase "sexy time" being used in place of anything related to having sex...... It kills me!
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