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Guess I'm a dude then because my AC/heater is set on 68 year round, any higher im sweating to death. My two girls (6 and 1) also sweat like crazy in anything above 70 the same as my fiance and 1 year old son (they are twins) do. I cant even imagine trying to survive with the thermostat stuck on 77, thays insane!!
Good for you! If he was willing to steal from the bar than he probably would have stolen from his CPA clients too! You most likely prevented a lot of heartache for other people!!
I wouldnt have waited for the horse to just randomly have to poop, i would have cleaned the stable out and saved a weeks worth from both horses and dumped it all in her driveway!!
As a nurse i would expect more care.. My son has a severe dairy allergy rather than just an intolerance and will literally scream non-stop for hours with diarrhea and vomiting so badly he almost has had to be hospitalized. Its wrong of her to eat your food but its also wrong to intentionally do something that could harm someone :-(
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