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Ex is TJ! On what planet is it okay for a father to open his SON’s birthday present?
NTJ. Don’t worry about Trevor if he hasn’t ever stepped up and helped you out with his brothers. He can do the same as you did when he hits 18. That’s only 4 years compared to your 12 years of parenting. Your mom is TJ and younger brother kind of a jerk due to what he said to you!
NTJ, tell all those family members to buy the baby clothes and there would be no problem. Your sister is a major jerk, I’d put her in a time out and maintain low/no contact. No one has the right to tell you how to grieve your daughter.
Maybe she isn’t interested in the game or stories of past all male camping trips! Also said she had old phone that still worked. And where does he get off imposing rules on her?
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