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Wow. This happened to me not even a month after closing on my new house! Couple came, she grew up here, blah blah blah. Thing is the previous owner was the FIRST owner and I met the daughter at the closing, so I knew this lady was BS'ing me. I baited her with, "Oh, so how does Janice like the assisted living place?" The hag waxed ecstatic about how her mom just LOVES it. The woman died 2 days before the original closing date, which was why the daughter was at the actual closing in the first place. Then I called her out. Eyes got wide and they hightailed it out of the yard.
Sorry: I should have been clear: it is illegal for a landlord to shut off utilities as an attempt to get someone to move out.
In Iowa (and I would think a lot of (if not all) the other states) shutting off utilities of a place where people are still living is illegal.
I taught Spanish for a number of years. For the first 4, I required my students to memorize their vocab lists. In the fifth year, I was getting sick and tired of fighting with the students about learning their lists, I told everyone that they could use dictionaries during quizzes and tests, which they loved. As expected, none of them did any memorizing. So on quiz day, I waited for 20 minutes and collected all the quizzes (20 minutes was the most it took anyone in the previous 4 years to finish).....even though none of them were finished with their quizzes; they spent most of the 20 minutes flipping through the dictionary. I spent the rest of the lesson on a lecture about how the dictionary should be only used as backup because you really can't have a conversation or read if you have to look up every other word.
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