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Two little girls were just killed by the pitbulls in their own family, and the mother who tried to save them is hospitalized . This crazy woman does not understand how serious dog fights can be or how severely injured a person can be if they get in the middle of dog fight while trying to separate them. Do NOT bring your dog over to a stressful situation or allow this dumb woman access to your dog. kt
Do not be his mother. If he does not do a chore, leave it undone , Don't pick up after him, don't do his laundry., If you cook. leave the dishes on the table and the cookware on the stove. Don't clean up after him in the bathroom. kt
Start practicing saying No, I can't contribute. / No, I cannot give any more./ No, I have expenses of my own. No/ No/No No, that is not an appropriate request. No, that part of our relationship is over. No. kt
I can't even believe this is a real post. People give themselves shots all the time. If you cannot take care of yourself, get into a facility that can take care of you instead of ruining your children and grandchildren's lives. kt
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