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I wonder why you have a walk of shame. That's not helping. It's only making the EK hate more. The SK was explaining in a calm voice. Couldn't one of the counsellors try to help the EK realize she was in the wrong without making her feel like an idiot and not wanting to apologize?
The older sister said, "No matter how many times my sister or I complained about it, nothing was done." "The principal apologized too and said that if he knew all this was happening, he would of put a stop to it a long time ago." Why didn't the principal know about the situation when they'd complained ab0ut it many times?
You can read the whole story if you go to "original story by" up under the headline. This is what it says though..."I pissed in his drink. I filled about 1/3 of it with my piss and began to lightly cackle to myself like some kind of psychopath, imagining him sucking my Mountain Dew Piss through a straw. Sure as shit, after I gave everyone their drinks, I looked at him across the table as he took a huuuuuuuuge drink and watched him just grin at me like he always did. My poker face must be strong, because he had no idea something was up. TL;DR - Dude harassed me at work, I pissed in his mountain dew for revenge.
Here's the missing part...A few months later my boss's wife calls me and tells me they are treating the kitty horribly (pestering him while he eats, chasing him around, leaving him out in the cold, etc) and asks me if I'd go steal him.
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