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YTJ And an ungrateful, entitled brat. Your r boyfriend is way too good for you, so go find yourself a REAL man who will scream at you all the way to work. What's your problem? You have a kind, loving BF, but you only care what idiots at your JOB think? Grow up! If I were BF, I'd dump you NOW. Maybe next time, if any other good guy asks you out, you'll have learned enough to appreciate him. Now, you're acting like a pre-adolescent who is soooo embarrassed by her Dad. Seriously, GROW UP.
NTJ You are the victim here, NOT your parents. If they are "crushed", it's because their other son is a lowlife scumbag. If family wants to see you WITHOUT bro and Amy, they can come to YOUR house. Avoid relatives homes, because they'll try to set up a reconciliation with your backstabbing brother and your ex, and all jerk will break loose. You have a NEW family, and they deserve all your attention. Don't be afraid, if you're pressed, to point out your parents raised a cheater with no morals, no conscience and no respect for you. I also hope you'll lol when your ex jerk on your brother, and she will. Cheaters don't stop, so you're well rid of both of them!
YTJ She realized you're a nasty, abusive jerk, and probably saw a future of insults and bullying. I expect she'll dump you like stinky garbage, and good riddance. You're a mean jerk, and NOBODY wants that in their life.
Ask them where all the SSI payments for children whose parents passed away have gone. It's highly doubtful your biomom left NOTHING. Sadly, it sounds like you've been nothing but a big tax deduction for the lousy adoptive parents. You're NTJ, but I'd sure be angry at those awful people who call themselves parents. They really suck as human beings.
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