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How are u allowed to take classes tht clash with each other?? You dont make sense. U just sound horribly irresponsible all around & expect to mooch off others to compensate.
People are confusing gender with sex. U dont need a persons gender.. u need their biological sex since like it or not.. regardless of how a person feels.. biology is a factor in body structure. This shouldnt even be an offensive question but apparently the woke population only cares about science on SOME issues. Smdh
Beggars cant be choosers! U dont get to ask for free last minute child care & then make demands about her friend u dont like. Says a lot about your character & im guessing theres valid reasons ur MIL doesnt like u
I worked the same job for 25 years. Something i learned is worry about YOU. Not your job.. not your coworkers... not your boss. You do YOU. In the end.. they dont gaf about u and wont give u a 2nd thought ever about anything. I will never again sacrifice vacation or sick days... stay extra unpaid.. or care wht coworkers think. u can be a good employee without screwing urself in the process. And get used to coworkers who hv kids expecting special treatmnt. They often think the rest of us should bend to their every need just cuz they hv kids
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