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I like to have a conversation with Mother dearest!! Please op, don't sell or share the necklace. Take a picture, get a safe...what ever you can do to protect it, but it not if it's when she will try and steal it!
Is she really allergic to shellfish?
NO!! She shouldn't have to put her feelings and emotions aside to please Sally! Sally chose to have a baby...OP didn't! If your allergic to peanuts and somebody want to give you a peanut butter gonna say thanks! No, your gonna decline? Same thing! Sally and everyone who things she should just "suck it up" are jerks!
I went through custody battle with my nephew (me, his aunt vs his dad-i won!) lawyer told me to keep a journal, it's better than any text message! Write down time and date and exactly what was said. Keep your text too( won't hurt) write down when you get Luke, time and date and when she picks him up. Keeping records will make or break a case. If visitation is court ordered...she can't keep him for seeing Luke. She can be I. Big trouble legal wise if she does. Why all that said...after some time, file for full custody. She only gonna hurt that boy!
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