Talented Drill Dance Team Heat Up The Audience With “Flame” Routine

Do you ever watch a performance, and you’re so immersed in it that you’re just at a complete loss for words? That’s how this performance will leave you.

This Drill Dance Team Puts on Impeccable Shows

And that was true during a 2018 Australian performance.

Their Outfits and Props Blew Everyone Away

The squad was decked out in black-and-red, skirted leotards and held mesmerizing flame-like props and, later on in their performance, yellow fans.

They Danced to a Very Fitting Song

Their choice of song was ‘Fireball’ by Paul Deville.

Good at Dancing is an Understatement

I’ve seen good dancers plenty of times, but this squad is good!

The Synchrony is Strong

A big part of dancing is making sure to stay in sync. It’s not as easy as it looks, folks.

They Also Made Beautiful Illusions

Not only did they have to make the right moves at all the right times, but they had to know how to use their flame and fan props properly.

It Almost Looked Like the Stage was Really on Fire!

Luckily, with fake flames, nobody could have gotten hurt.

It’s Hard to Replicate Their Moves

They’re so fast, flexible, and elegant.

They’ve Must Have Practiced for Months

Imagine having to memorize all of those moves, let alone, doing it all with grace and speed!

You’ll go ga-ga when watching their performance.


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