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Everyone here sucks, mostly your SIL but yes even you. The whole family is drama kings. You didn't talk to your family simply because the Reveil didn't go perfectly? Dramatic much? However you can only change yourself so work on growing as a person and finding healthier ways to deal with family. And give your family a break because you're exactly the same
NTJ though i think if you're still grieving then a year isn't enough time. I think you're extra lonely because you've never lived on your own. I recommend you take more time to work on yourself otherwise you could become the type of person who will stay with any guy just because you can't handle being alone. Whater you choose, please don't allow every guy you cross paths with to be in your kids lives. That's not fair to them and can put them in a dangerous situation.
NTJ for letting your daughter make her own choice BUT i would at least find out about the brothers situation. He could be seriously ill and he's her brother after all. You are focusing on the mother when you should be focused on the sick brother
NTJ. Omg! I very rarely say this but in this case stay single. He has proved he never can be counted on and if this happened once it will happen again. Keep her name and full custody if you can
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