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I had a friend get revenge for me in a similar fashion. He grabbed my butt when I was bent over in a cabinet at the fast food place we worked. When I came flying out, he grinned and said "If I had known it was you I wouldn't have bothered". I told my best friend who worked there too. One day, a few days later, we were doing extra cleaning preparing for an inspection. He was standing on a counter wiping down a wall. She planned to snap him with a wet towel on the butt. He was standing with his legs spread wide. The towel missed the butt and hit his delicates. He dropped from the counter to the floor howling and holding himself. She couldn't have done better if she tried.
Females Rule! I had an Irish wolfhound. A small female that was about 100lbs. My boss would watch her for me when I would go out of town. She had two male Irish Wolfhounds. Hers were 160 lbs and 185lbs. I come back to get my girl and my boss is just busting with pride in my girl. Whenever my girl wanted to eat or drink she would walk up, make the boys back off, and wait until she was done. lol!
My 3rd grade teacher hated me for no reason. I was the teacher's pet in my previous classes. She told me on day 1 I looked like trouble and put me in the middle of all of the troublemakers. She encouraged the other kids to bully me and the other "troublemakers". I won't go into specifics of everything she did but what stood out the most was I was sent to "The Bench" for not doing my homework. It was literally a bench along a wall outside of the principal's office. While sitting there I idly traced words carved into the bench with my pencil. She accused me of carving the "f" word into the bench. The one time my sister stood up for me. She told everyone I had a pencil not a pen which the word had been carved with. Then she told them I didn't even know the word. I found out many years later that this teacher would pick one student every year to single out and torture. She ended up in Mexican jail for being part of a baby selling ring. You can look her up, Mrs Winks.
He probably didn't read the label. He loved being a pest.
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