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Reminds me of when I worked at Burger King way before the pandemic. The guy that became the general manager of our store decided that I was being too slow doing my job (I had just came back form having a baby). He decided to berate me in front of customers and my co-workers. I also have bad anxiety so this did not help matters. Since I was a closer I was expected to be there until everyone was done with cleaning the store which we normally had 3 closers plus a manager. This night the manager was his sister (who stole money but that's a different story) and I went up to her crying and gave her my name tag and shirt and said I quit. Walked out and never went back to that place. F that.
I'm in college. I had an English professor who didn't like the fact that I wrote about PTSD in Veteran's and how we needed to help them more. I gave specific reasons and ways we could help, but she said it wasn't specific enough and it was. She just didn't like the fact that I wrote about it

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