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While these YTJ comments may well be correct, I found myself questioning the partner. As if the partner might be very controlling... I have no reason to think that's true but it couldn't help but cross my mind.
Just stop it with the inferiority complex! I can't stand when someone looks at a couple and makes that kind of judgement -"she's out of his league." The fact is your wife chose you for whatever reason and it's about time you stopped putting her on a pedestal and accept the fact that she loves and respects you. Jess is amazingly shallow and it's hard to believe your wife has put up with her audacious insults for so long. In fact, this behavior demonstrates that wife is not so perfect. I'm with others here - you need to clear the air.
What, he thought you sent him $1,000 as a gift to spend on himself? Who does that? A jerk, that's who. Find yourself a new place with better roommates.
Your attitude should be that any share she may have earned during the time she lived in that house is her contribution toward child support.
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