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Things escalated to the point that she kicked him and his niece out and she's seeking a divorce. I really don't blame her.
In the update she gave, she said that Ed finally did stand up to his mom for her (kind of) the next time they went to his parents' for dinner. His mom looked taken aback that he had said anything and didn't speak to her (OP) for the rest of the night. A little later on, the mom goes, "She looked so much better with short hair." She told Ed's mom, "Why don't you worry about your own hair?" When Ed saw her (OP's) face, he told his parents they were leaving. She told Ed she didn't want to see his folks anymore until the holidays and he agreed. Some people don't understand just how hard it is for some people to stand up to their parents. After years of them being a dominating force in your life, they find it impossible to let you grow up, so you feel infantilized by them. For him to even say the little he did say to his mom on behalf of his lady ("I like her hair no matter how it looks") was huge! It was a huge step from him, and she recognized and appreciated that. Not only did she recognize it, but his mom was even shocked by it. It wasn't really a matter of her having no self-respect as much as it was a matter of him finally having the guts to say something on behalf of the woman he's loved for 10 years.
Right? Omg, this right here!!!
OP WNBTA. I think her reasoning is very sound. Why should they get a cut of the house they not only did not grow up in, but also have not been to that much, and have expressed a strong dislike of the state where the house is? They've had nothing to do with the house, so it would be very unfair to her children to give her stepchildren a cut of funds for a house they had and wanted nothing to do with.
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