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Ask yourself how you would feel if you found out that she had been making jokes about you and your students using the CS/STEM unsocialized, unattractive geek stereotype... On the other hand, you and your little students just may have unwittingly helped bolster that stereotype all by yourselves this time...
NTJ. If the person demanding lessons was male, nobody would be calling you a misogynist or even looking further than the person being obnoxious for a reason why you didn't want to work with them. They would be insisting that the fool replace any damaged kitchen equipment. I'm am elderly female feminist -- being a rude, entitled fool like your rommate's girlfriend has everything to do with her character -- and not exclusively her gender. SHE's a jerk!
I would have been braggin on your contribution. Just who does she want to stick around longer? You or her "friend?" She needs to rethink loyalties and in whom she should invest the most effort...
Face it -- that part of your family is SO idiotic and controlling that, if you had sat there with no food in front of you, THAT would have been an issue and they would have embarassed you. You can't win with jerks like that.
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