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It made me giggle that a 12-year-old said "when I was a child" lol Also, honesty is the best policy.
NTJ. At one point when I was a manager, I had to teach some new to the country employees how to use toilet paper, how to wash their hands, and how to wear deodorant. If you do it with love& respect like you did, then you're not the jerk. It worked for him and he said thank you. Leave it alone and keep being a good bro
Not only NTJ, but I would make a point of letting my brother and sister-in-law know that were she 14, the minimum age would be 15. I would be quite clear that SHE is the reason there are no children under that age.
NTJ So here!! I'm going to buy you a gift, but you have to store it and ensure it, but I'm going to take it whenever I want to and I might take it back and sell it. Have a great day! Also where's my dog? Oh the granddaughter has it and loves it?! Let me just take that back and destroy her life. I would be no contact.
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