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NTJ... to an extent. I am experiencing a worse bout than normal after my Dad's death. Even though I don't really want to get out of bed I NEED TO I know this. I have messaged my SO before I fall asleep to make sure that I wake up for work. Sometimes you need a failsafe.
NTJ I doubt she was asking for a dollar or $20. Even a penny just to acknowledge the fact that he was swearing, although that could backfire and draw more attention to words that could have easily have been glossed over. It may just get the BIL to check his language a wee little bit around the young ones. Also I am sure the money is going to the kids, not the parents' gas tank.
NTJ. I had a miscarriage AT work, had them pour me a few stiff drinks, went home to cry for a couple of days, then showed up again like 3 days later. Granted I wasn't 8 months along and "everyone grieves differently", but at some point you need to pull up your boot straps and get back to work.
NTJ. She hijacked your holiday, proceeded to act like a toddler, then expected pity. Sounds a lot like my sister growing up. Every single vacation we went on was dramatic because she didn't want to do ANYTHING the rest of the family wanted to do nor eat what we wanted to eat because she ate like a 5 year old. Always managed to "get sick" right before the event I wanted to do, but magically feel better right before "her thing". Our Dad just died and now it comes out that both of our parents were supposedly the meanest people in the world to her. They have/ had catered to her every whim. Each of them left their domiciles to her. Not me. I don't get why she feels the urge to complain.
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