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NTJ Let him do his own laundry and he will get it done exactly as he wants it to be done. When my partner and I first bought our house I said I would do laundry. I did what seemed like a hundred dress shirts for him, hung them all nicely and he told me I put them on the hangers in the wrong direction. I ripped them all down, threw them on the floor and stomped on them. Told him to do his laundry himself from now on. That was 32 years ago and he still does his own laundry. We do share doing the sheets and towels and it works fine for us. No reason why someone needs to do another persons dirty jerk.
NTJ Ellie seems like an entitled brat still. As an RN who was an ICU nurse for 25 years all I can say is I saved a lot more people than any doctor I ever worked with. The RN is the one actually doing the patient care and there isn't a doctor out there that could do their jobs without us. We could do most of theirs but they don't have a clue about ours. The docs don't really know what's going on with a patient without all the input they get from the nurses. I'd like to see Ellie do her job without a nurse telling her everything she needs to know about what's going on with the patient.
Seriously??? This is an issue for you why exactly? You're in the shower not the toilet. If he has to pee that bad why can't he just come in and pee? All he has to do is ask you to not look if he's that shy. I mean, it's not like you haven't seen it before, right? You're both a couple of immature children who need to grow up a bit. If this is a big deal in your lives, just wait until real life hits you.
Everyone sucks here. A motorcycle is NOT a family heirloom. That actually made me laugh. It's a freakin' motorcycle. What you do with it depends on whose name the title is in. If it's in yours then do what you want with it. If it isn't then ou have no right to do anything with it. Your son will just get another motorcycle anyway so you might as well just give it up. You have the right to feel how you feel about it but you don't really have the right to tell your adult son what to do. He knows the risks and is willing to take them.The real jerk here is the uncle to took him to get his license without ever discussing it with you. That was out of line. You're going to drive your son away with your attitude but that's on you. You all need to get some counseling.
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