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YTJ. Please don't finish medical school. You sound WAY too immature to have people's lives in your hands.
NTJ. Do you really want this woman in your life? She's going to try to control everything you do and will pout like crazy if she doesn't get her own way. What you're doing for your sister is terrific. She needs you a lot more than your so called girlfriend does.
NTJ. You should've cleaned it up but she's the one who damaged the oven. She sounds a little nuts. It's on her, not on you. You do NOT owe her a new oven.
NTJ but your ex is. Get her out of the house NOW! Whatever she said or did to your daughter has had a profound negative impact on her. Whatever your ex tells you is likely a lie. Get her out now. Whatever you have to do to make that happen is what you need to do. You sound like a good dad. Your ex sounds like a horrid mother. Take your daughter's side 100% on this one but please just make your wife move out ASAP.
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