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Should have gotten scheduled for the first shift & called stating stuck in traffic!
A 19 yr old male was arrested for porch pirate in my area & it was on the news. His mother said it wasn't fair to have him arrested because his stealing & then selling the stolen things was the only way he had to make money. What ????
Pastor at my old church told the assistant pastor he needed to leave because the assistant pastor's wife cheated. The deacons agreed. A year later the music director found out his wife had been cheating with the pastor for over 5 yrs. & the deacons & pastors wife knew. The church fractured with over half the church members leaving that church because of the deacons stance. Most of the members went to the church that the old assistant pastor, now pastor was at. A lot of people, including me, lost a lot of faith with churches.
I was put on call before my 7a-7p shift & told they would either cancel me off the whole shift if I wasn't needed before noon. They never called me until 5:30 pm. at which time they said I was needed until 7p. It takes 1 hr to drive there & it would take about 30 min. minimum to get showered & dressed. They were furious because I was on call for 5 hrs & wouldn't come in to have to turn around & go home.
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