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The ending is confusing: “Katy continued bullying my grandfather while getting everything she wanted while my Grandfather had to work hard for it. ……Katy and Abby’s grades stayed at Fs.” If Katy got everything she wanted but still got Fs…? Grandfather won by doing the right thing and working hard, so Katy did not get everything she wanted….
Same, in grad school working on my M. Ed. We teamed up because we both had music degrees (ish…. His major, my minor) from undergrad. The project we picked was on the benefits of music therapy for kiddos with special needs. The guy called me Every. Single. Night needing help: how to do the research, how/where to find the scholarly articles, couldn’t find anything (even after I specifically told him what authors/subjects to put in the search. I finally just printed out what he needed, he still couldn’t find the info. I highlighted the info he needed for his half of the project, talked to my prof, and PRAYED that he wouldn’t plagiarize. The project came back with a B-, but an A was recorded in my record.
OP, never feel bad about going after her. Not all 18 year old single mothers would run away from an accident they caused but I hope that your actions would make her think twice about future decisions when driving, or to use “single mother” status as an excuse for bad driving, and a worse decision after an accident.
My husband is a professional piano player and composer for movies and documentaries. As a kid, while he was working his fingers off to be a great piano player, his (still) oblivious older sister would often close the car door as she was getting out, sometimes almost closing the door on his fingers. One day, she did…. He bit her on her tit….. It was the most accessible body part he could get to as one hand was in the car door, and he was at boob height to her at that time.
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