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I have a daughter who is almost 16 now. She is anemic and stressed and has always been a child who wants everything done *now*. As a toddler learning to walk, she would beat her head on the ground if she fell down after a step or two. She has had a difficult time learning to *take it easy* , it just doesn't come easily for her. We've made many adjustments, and are prepared for many more as she grows into adulthood. We finally put her in a Charter School. Leaps and bounds a better fit than Public schools. That wasn't the case for all our kids, however. Just what has worked best for this one. She is also a Vegan/Vegetarian/ Pick~a~tarian. We keep her on a vitamin regiment. She has recently been diagnosed Bi-Polar2, like myself..We manage it with her.. She suffers from stress induced headaches, we make accommodations to help her, and limit her phone screen time, Computer screen time etc,, until the headaches pass. What we don't do is threaten the schools. We don't coddle her to the point of suffocating her. We allow her to make adjustments that she chooses to better help herself. She sees a counselor at her Drs clinic, once a week. We give her the tools to cope. We try to not make excuses or be helicopters over her. She is just over 2 years away from being an adult, off to college and into the big wide world. We won't always be there to protect her. Its our jobs to prepare her and give her as many tools possible for her to be able to navigate when we aren't there. We aren't perfect by any means. We also don't blame everyone/thing else. Kids like these will overdo things, its up to us to teach them balance...
I hope the OP uses this as a huge learning experience! I almost wonder if he wasn't a tad sheltered growing up? Im in no way a *politically correct* speaking person, myself. However, I would be truly hurt if my husband *joked* about me this way. Very good teaching moment, for sure. Hope OP learned a valuable lesson here.
Time. Time is all you can give. During and after this time, be the best version of you, you can be. Maybe, just maybe she will open up more and truly does go both ways. Men and women can be jerks.
Well, I sure wish someone would've done this to my ex-husband. He would beat on me the entire time I was pregnant. Our son is almost 27 now, so this was long ago. I just hope OP had the proof...
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