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I have been producing and directing plays for 28 years. Anyone who has been doing this for that long knows that all aspects of the production need to be ready, or nearly so, by the start of Tech Week (also called Hell Week). I would sit this costumer down and ask her what costumes I can have today, tomorrow, and the next day. And be honest. Anything else I would order shipped NOW. And frankly, GlitterandDogs can stuff it. Excuses never made a costume.
I've been producing and directing for 28 years. Anyone who has that much experience knows perfectly well that EVERY aspect of the production needs to be ready,bit very nearly so, by the time tech week (also known as "Hell Week) begins You are not the jerk. For whatever reason, this costume manager is over her head. I would sit her down and ask her "Which costumes can I have today, then tomorrow,other the next day. And be honest." Whatever is not going to be ready by the third day, you buy and have shipped NOW. And frankly "Glitteranddogs" can stuff it. It's tech week. Excuses and even explanations don't mean a damn thing. Excuses never made a costume.
Next step is to rally your colleagues to kick out your union "head," and get someone who represents the teachers.
Entitled woman: "Really?" Repair guy: "F***around and find out."
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