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They didn't do anything that would warrant a restraining order. She go no contact with them but restraining orders are a lot harder to get than people realize. I tried to get one my ex husband for threatening to kill me but since it was an indirect threat and he didn't come out and say I'm going to kill you they couldn't do anything.
My son just graduated from college it wasn't a university it was a community College but still college and I would say a little less than half of the graduating class were people 30+ yrs of age. You need to do what makes you happy not what makes him happy because if you listen to him you will go the rest of your life regretting it and resenting him.
If he would of listened when you told him nicely the first time you wouldn't have had to yell the 2nd time. What you said wasn't even that bad especially since he's 16 not 6. I think both him and his parents are being way to sensitive, you should tell them that you are sorry that you yelled at him because you panicked and were afraid for his life and that next time you will mind your own business and not say anything.
Everyone asking why they wanted her there it doesn't seem like they did , they wanted her son there they said they would pick him up or she could drop him off she obviously decided she would bring him and stay. For those saying saying who cares if the dads gf is pregnant why did they have to tell her like if would affect her, .ay e when the gf got pregnant the first mom the op reacted badly so they felt they needed to prepare her if she was going to stay at the party,that's the only think that makes sense to me. We only have her side of the story and from the sou d of it she doesn't care for the dad's new gf much. Maybe the op isn't the one who wanted the break up and hold a lot of resentment towards the ex and new gf.
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