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YTJ. You don't need a roommate, you need a mom. You're acting like a child who needs getting up for school. You are the immature one here. You are not her responsibility, grow up.
Hmmmm, once in a lifetime wedding dress shopping or the yoga class she has been going to for 20 years and will do for another 20. Now she's saying YOU are showing your true colours and not going to the wedding?! Your mom is a huge jerk. Go LC and def give MIL priority with time with the grandchildren, if you have them. - Heck, your mom won't have time for them anyway. She's got yoga to go to. Can't miss that!
NTJ. Put some laxative in the food then leave, for good.
NTJ at all. You know your limitations. So sorry for the loss of your sister.
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