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YTJ. Absolutely. She wasn't hurting anyone. You just decided they where. You went behind her back and threw away something that wasn't yours. You're calling her names. Yeah no fuck you. YTJ
Most of my friends, and my nesting partner play video games and computer games. It helps with the daily stress. Everyone has hobbies. It doesn't make them any less an adult. She took off one weekend to be able to play a special launch of her game. Not even mentioning the absolute tantrum the husband threw.
YTJ YTJ YTJ YTJ!!!!! You do NOT just get rid of someone's beloved pet because it got fur into your space. Buy an effing Dyson and lock your office door. Have a conversation with you S/O and go get the damn cat back, then beg for her forgiveness for your deplorable act and hope she forgives you(I wouldn't). If you don't want the fur in your space, then get your own place. You knew she had the cat. It was in her life before you. There are allergy shots to get you over that part, but your issues go much deeper then that. I hope she dumps you. She'll never be able to trust you again
100% YTJ. it doesn't matter how far along she is or how you think "she's barely even pregnant"!!! Morning sickness is a, misnamed because it's ALL DAY sometimes. All night. B, you have no right to say she's barely even pregnant. Like how DARE you. C, morning sickness can start damn near before you even know you're pregnant. So yeah. YTJ
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