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This was for your parents to respond to, not you. While I don't see the point in separating a couple that is engaged and expecting, your parents have every right to set the rules for their own home. If your sister didn't like the rules she should have stayed elsewhere. Ho×ever, you should have minded your own business.
Since the candles are something you always make, they are always around and not really special for him. He sees them all the time. You didn't really go out and buy the Nintendo. Maybe because it didn't cost you anything for the candles or t&e Nintendo he thought you were being cheap. I kinda see both sides.
I don't know but maybe you should have tried harder to get something they liked. It sounds like this was on ongoing problem. Maybe they should have just eaten at home and come for a visit afterwards.
Ultimately, it was on her to take care of herself. You couldn't be expected to babysit her on your wedding day. She was warned of the possible triggers and she chose to attend anyway. She should have attended the ceremony , made an appearance at the reception and left.
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