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If the dog wasn't suffering and you had him euthanized because was more convenient for you than having to deal with him dying at home, then YTJ. It might have been the dog was conserving his strength just to see his person, your husband, before the end and you spoiled that. If the dog was in pain, then of course you're NTJ. My dad had my dog put down while I was at work the same day he was diagnosed with cancer to "spare my feelings," and I was devastated that I wasn't able to be with him and say goodbye. I still haven't fully forgiven him for that.
Yeah, no, what you did wasn't cool. I'm a teacher, and one time when one of my young students was acting out in a grocery store, her mom told her I would give her an F if she didn't behave. Wait, what?! No no no. YOU'RE the parent; you'd better figure out how to do your job and not put others on the spot to do it for you.
You're NTJ. I don't believe that family always comes first, at least not if "family" is someone as despicable (sorry, not sorry) as your brother. You saved that woman a lot of grief, so well done!
You're NTJ. My dad was exactly like your mom; he once donated all of our winter coats except his own because "nobody was using them and they were taking up space in the closet." Yeah, no one was wearing them because IT WAS SUMMER! People like him and your mom seem to want to show off their generosity to others at our expense. My dad got angry, too, when my mom made him take us out to buy all new winter coats. Your mom is even worse, though; she won't admit that she messed up.
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