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Ugh! Save us from the men who become extra demanding when they're sick or injured, as though no one else ever suffered so much and only their wants matter. You're NTJ, and hubs is gently TJ. I get that he's itchy, frustrated, and essentially stuck at home, but he needs to back off.
Wow. YTJ, and a really bad friend, too. I hope you can grovel enough to salvage this friendship, but if I were Emma, I'd cut all ties after this.
NTJ. Nursing is tough - I had nursing major friends as an undergrad, and essentially never saw them after sophomore year when classes ramped up for them. I have friends who are nurses now, and their jobs are demanding and without adequate compensations; especially during the jerk. But you know what? I'm a teacher, and my job is essential and demanding as well, and also for subpar pay. Yet you don't build yourself up by tearing others down, and that's what makes your friend the jerk.
ESH. Use a bowl - don't eat like a savage. And the goddaughter was beyond rude with her "greedy" comment.
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