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It would have been unprofessional to disclose that information and potentially unsafe, you don't know their intentions
Ytj don't be mad at cousin be upset with who blabbed to her, if you asked it to be kept quiet until you officially announced it.
So are you to hide your pregnancy or never have more children? Just because of her feelings, if she were nicer I'd feel sad for her but no she's a brat
It's your sister's legacy to her children not her husband's, she forsaw this and took measures to protect it. His new kids have no claim. Now if they wish to work for a d be treated as regular employees that should be permitted. Then down the line after you retire or pass if any half siblings have an aptitude dedication and good relationship any or all who have paid their dues can be included in part ownership at the discretion of your nieces or nephews but it has to be earned
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