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She smokes 3times a day. The smell lasts so long and is so heavy. Now you’re just blowing everything out of proportion. It would take more than 3 times for that. Plus you don’t have a say happens on the sidewalk as long as it’s legal. I think you should keep your mouth shut. YTJ!!!
NTJ She destroyed them? That’s a really large red flag. Get rid of her fast. She’s the racist not you.
NTJ my sister does it all the time. I do it from time to time. I bet if your sister really thought about it that she does it too however I don’t think she would ever admit it.
NTJ but your husband is a big one. Shows how little he cares about you that you would have to deal with this alone after just having a baby. What kind of messed up is this. Me personally, would take my baby an leave. There’s something wrong with your husband and do you want your child growing up with that?
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